Show Up

Let's switch off our phone & show up for someone who needs us.

In 1938 a group of Harvard researchers began a study on adult development that is still running today! Over the course of 80 years the most compelling evidence they have discovered for wellbeing is not regarding wealth, fame or working's that good relationships keep people healthier and happier.

The 3 takeaway lessons from the Harvard study are that social connections are really good for human beings and that loneliness can kill. People who are more socially connected to family, friends and community are healthier, happier and live longer lives. While prolonged isolation can become toxic and people who are consistently lonely are less happy, their health deteriorates more quickly and their life expectancy is shorter.


The second observation revealed that it's not the quantity of relationships we have in our lives that matters but the quality; and living among good, warm relationships is a greater indicator of our future health than other behaviours such as the food we eat. The third observation is that maintaining relationships with people we can depend on turns out to be protective and good for our brain, which leads to less degeneartion!

So based on the longest study of adult development ever conducted by Harvard University and more recently the numerous studies on social media and loneliness, Love Not Likes encourages you to replace your screen time with people time and #showup for yourself, your family or friends.

MAKE LOVE SUSTAINABLE, Founder Philip Dickenson 


Love Not Likes encourages people to replace screen time with people time. #showup for your family or friends & share your event on our Facebook page.