Real Stories

Sharing our lives not our data.

Our parents or teachers probably had the best of intentions when they told us to be well mannered and behave like everyone else. But taken too far conformity keeps us living in a subtle, but very real state of fear and we become afraid of acting differently! Even when our hearts tell us to follow our own unique path, our social consciousness tells us to follow the crowd otherwise we'll be left behind.


A few hundred thousand years ago the same scenario played out among modern humans and can still be seen among chimpanzees, gorillas and apes today. In any given moment an individual can become a leader or an outcast with the former being awarded 'influencer' status and the later carrying a death sentence.

In todays society, social media is the best example of conformity we have. Follows and likes are showered upon the most attractive, successful and seemingly wealthy men and women and anyone that dares to be different runs the risk of being bullied, blocked and rejected.

As a fashion & social media co. Love Not Likes is proud to adopt a more inclusive strategy which is why our logo is inspired by the rainbow flag, an emblem of peace that is carried during social revolutions and adopted by the LGBTQ community.


The human story features a kaleidoscope of different cultures & views and when seen for all its beauty and diversity, our prejudices dissolve and we unite via our common humanity. If you would like your #realstory to be seen by people outside of your filter bubble and celebrated by an inclusive audience, please send us your answers to the following questions.



Describe where you live?

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Tell us something most people don't know about you?

What do you value most in life?

How do you manage your time on social media?


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