Ethical Fashion

Making love sustainable.

Since then many other accidents have occurred and on the 1st anniversary of Rana Plaza it was time for the organisation FASHION REVOLUTION to step in "We celebrate fashion as a positive influence while also scrutinising industry practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues. We aim to show that change is possible and encourage those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

Love Not Likes is happy to join this global movement and will progressively take greater steps to ensure our value chain from farmer to consumer is fair, safe & healthy. To begin with we employed local Balinese men and women to be our printmakers and seamstresses. Our staff choose their own working hours and receive an above average wage. The fabrics we use are 100% natural and predominantly organic, we limit our waste and avoid single use plastics. Our next step is to work more closely with farmers and to use natural dyes and inks that exclude the use of chemicals. 

The clothing industry has been implicated in many social & environmental problems not least of them child slavery, pollution and waste, but it was the collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory in 2013 that killed 1138 people that revealed the terrible labor conditions inflicted on women and children by FAST FASHION. 


Our pricing transparency (see above) is included with every garment and all items whether they're sold online or bound for retail are shipped using recycled paper.

MAKE LOVE SUSTAINABLE, Founder Philip Dickenson